About Author Jason Dinsmore

profile photoI am a life-long conservationist and a native of the Great Lakes region.  Now residing in S.E. Minnesota, I called Michigan my home for the first 30 years of my life.

My work life is spent representing the National Wildlife Federation and partner organizations throughout the Midwest on issues affecting sportsmen and women including state, regional, and federal wildife and fisheries policies, environmental policies, environmental education, and anything else that happens to come my way.

When not representing NWF, I am spending time with my wife and sons exploring our new home state of Minnesota.  Once prolific backpackers and backcountry “explorers”, we’re adjusting to the more laid back stylings afforded to car camping and other pursuits better suited to draggin two kids under 5 into the woods with you.  Although they’re not ready quite yet…I am constantly planning and preparing for the time when my sons will be able to join me in the deer woods, the pheasant fields, and the fast waters holding elusive brookies.

Along with having over a decade of wildlife and fisheries policy experience, I combine the unusual attributes of a wildlife biologist (BS from Michigan State University) and a lawyer (J.D. from Wayne State University).  NorthCountry Wilderness is designed to share stories about fish and wildlife conservation efforts around the Great Lakes as well as interesting news on the politics that tend to creep into the science guiding those efforts.


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