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Conservationist’s Call to Action

The author's son holding a new friend, an eastern garter snake

The author’s son holding a new friend, an eastern garter snake

This week, Michigan’s 110 state Representatives will have the chance to vote on a citizen-initiated law called the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. On the heels of over 300,000 signatures, Michigan voters have given the legislature this monumental opportunity to defend our state’s ability to manage wildlife as well as defend itself against incoming invasive species like Asian carp.

You’ve probably heard about Asian Carp already, but they are voracious filter feeders that can grow to more than four feet long, weigh up to 100 pounds and quickly dominate a body of water by gobbling up the same food that sustains native fish populations. Urgent action is needed to prevent these invasive species and others from invading the Great Lakes and risking the $7 billion dollar commercial and sport fishery. Once passed, the initiative will provide much-needed financial resources to help combat invasive species, like Asian carp, in Michigan.

In addition, the initiative ensures that management decisions for the state’s fish and wildlife with be made by responsible fish and wildlife professionals using sound science.

The alternative?

A “NO” vote, or inaction by Michigan’s House of Representatives will allow animal rights groups and activists and the millions of dollars they have pumped in to their anti-conservation campaigns to buy your vote and dictate the what, how, and who of wildlife management. Wildlife management decisions must be de-politicized and left in the hands of management professionals. From history and experience, I have found that the best way of ensuring healthy wildlife populations is through the support of scientific and professional wildlife management.

Successful passage of the act will support more funding for invasive species, like Asian carp, ensure that fish and wildlife decisions are made by professional, scientific wildlife managers at the state and federal level, and provide free licenses to active military personnel.

Please call your representative and tell them to vote “YES” on the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. Just one call can make a difference.

Click HERE for more information on Representatives needing your calls.

More information on the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act can be found at http://www.citizenswildlife.com/about/initiative/.

More information on Asian Carp and their effects in the Mississippi River can be found at stopcarp.org.